December 17, 2014

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Welcome To My World!

Announcement: MUFF – A new (6-part) internet based, comedian led, community sourced, bullshit-free sitcom

  Who doesn’t love M.U.F.F? Everybody in the country loves MUFF. That’s why MUFF Productions is the biggest and most successful T.V. company in the whole damn country, and, the world. The shows are watched and adored by almost every citizen in the country. Why? Because it doesn’t change. It doesn’t try new ideas. It finds a formula and sticks to it. It finds other peoples… Read more


Announcement: Scots comedian Daniel Sloss insists he won’t ditch his Edinburgh Fringe roots despite tasting US big time

HE 23-year-old has just finished a stand-up stint on American talk show Conan – his second time in as many months – but the comic says he wants to earn laughs the hard way and will be returning to the capital fest in August.  IT’S the morning after the night before and a hungover Daniel Sloss sounds like a frog who smokes 60 a day. But the 23-year-old deserves to cut loose. He has just… Read more


Announcement: Daniel Sloss NEW SHOW! 2014 UK tour plus first European Tour tickets on sale now.

Tickets for Daniel’s new 2014 Show “Really?!” are now on sale. Really? Really. He is doing the complete A to Z  of Europe – from Amsterdam to Zagreb. Check the gig list… Read more

A bright future for his dark material

Lovely article in the Sunday Times Supplement: 2014 PRESS Daniel Sloss Sunday Times 30 Nov… Read more

Potential USA Career

Daniel talks about his potential TV career in the USA in his typical adult and realistic way – by comparing it to a computer… Read more

Beardyman special

Daniel was delighted to be the final one of the “guest producers” for Beardyman’s amazing live You Tube session “One Album Per… Read more