January 21, 2017

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Scottish stand-up star Daniel Sloss wins international comedy award

Daniel Sloss is becoming a bona fide international star. The 25-year-old from Fife has won the 2016 Sydney Comedy Festival “Best of the Fest” International Award and has been invited back to the world’s premiere comedy festival – Montreal’s Just For Laughs to perform a prestigious solo show on Friday, July 29. Daniel, who was only 16 when he first tried stand-up, is also making… Read more

New York Times, 9th Feb 2016

By ELISE CZAJKOWSKI FEBRUARY 8, 2016For his first stand-up shows in New York City, the Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss plans to begin his set with a joke that didn’t go over well in Indianapolis. The bit, touching on his atheism and aversion to religion, actually caused almost half of his audience to walk out. Yet he’s hoping to “try it again and explain what I was trying to say the first time.”Mr. Sloss is clearly not afraid to test boundaries, and he’s eager to endear himself to American audiences with “Dark,” his 90-minute show opening on Tuesday for a five-night run at the SoHo Playhouse. The challenge, however, is getting people to take a gamble on a comic who is relatively unkno

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Announcement: Daniel Sloss Stops In Soho Ahead Of New York Debut

“My flatmate Jean first told me about the tax. I was eating some cereal, being a typical bloke, and she said, ‘You don’t know how bullshit this whole thing is.’ I said ‘nope’. And then she explained it.” From this unpromising start, Daniel Sloss developed an excellent standup routine on the longstanding absurdity of tampons being classed as a luxury item at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe. “For me… Read more

Major UK Tour For Daniel Sloss – 2015

Beyond the Joke Acclaimed comedian Daniel Sloss has announced a new 35-date UK tour starting on September 18 and ending on December 5. The tour follows a run at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre during the Fringe and will be called Dark, in honour of the fact that the 24-year-old is sick of being described by people as dark. Daniel Sloss started writing and performing stand-up… Read more

Announcement: Dark – the brand new Edinburgh Fringe show – tickets on sale now

Dark – the brand new Edinburgh Fringe show – tickets on sale now‏ https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/daniel-sloss-dark or if you prefer your comedy a bit later on weekends, here are the extra 10pm… Read more

Scots comedian Daniel Sloss insists he won’t ditch his Edinburgh Fringe roots despite tasting US big time

HE 23-year-old has just finished a stand-up stint on American talk show Conan – his second time in as many months – but the comic says he wants to earn laughs the hard way and will be returning to the capital fest in August.  IT’S the morning after the night before and a hungover Daniel Sloss sounds like a frog who smokes 60 a day. But the 23-year-old deserves to cut loose. He has just… Read more

Daniel Sloss talks stories, stand-up, sitcom and Scotland

The still-young Fife-born comic has done a lot in recent times. He’s co-written an online indie sitcom called MUFF, conducted a TED-style talk about the nature of stories, performed stand-up on late-night US TV show, Conan, and written a new stand-up set entitled Dark. Here, he answers questions about all of those things, and a wee bit more. I hear you’re sick of people calling your comedy… Read more