July 18, 2018

Announcement: MUFF – A new (6-part) internet based, comedian led, community sourced, bullshit-free sitcom

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Who doesn’t love M.U.F.F? Everybody in the country loves MUFF. That’s why MUFF Productions is the biggest and most successful T.V. company in the whole damn country, and, the world. The shows are watched and adored by almost every citizen in the country. Why? Because it doesn’t change. It doesn’t try new ideas. It finds a formula and sticks to it. It finds other peoples formulas and sticks to them as well. Nobody likes originality, as everything original has been done, right? People like loads of different types of pizza, but at the end of the day, they all still fucking love pizza.
The problem with making dumb television, television that doesn’t cause your audience to do those tough things like think or learn, is that it will eventually begin to dumb down everybody that watches it. And if everyone watches it, that means everybody is a fucking moron. And this is how MUFF inadvertently caused the apocalypse. Whoops. Soz guys.
Our show starts before the apocalypse though, when we follow Lawrence (Daniel Sloss) as he starts his first day as an intern at MUFF Productions. Lawrence is a liberal douche, the kind of guy that will let you know he’s a feminist because he knows who Germaine Greer is and only watches lesbian porn. He’s also totally against racism, and all those other bad things that happen to people who aren’t white, middle-class and male. He doesn’t tolerate intolerance.
Lawrence has an idea of what television should be. It should be art. An art form that has the ability to make it’s captive audience think and feel and love and learn. Television is the centre of most peoples lives, and when they’re that captivated by it, it’s your responsibility to give them the best possible product. Something that challenges and engages their brains.
Well, at least that’s what Lawrence thinks, but what the fuck does he know? J.P. (Tom Stade) is the head honcho at MUFF Productions. He and his merry band of morons are responsible for the most popular TV shows in the past 15 years. Shows that Lawrence thinks are tedious, repetitive and insulting. But the public adore it.
MUFF follows Lawrence as he starts his journey into TV. Where he quickly learns that you can either make something good or something popular. Not both. MUFF would rather make money.
The show is rude, offensive and stupid. Most of the time it’s not going to make much sense, but sense has never really had much place in MUFF. The world that J.P. and his crew live in is very different to the world of logic and reason. A world which engulfs Lawrence and ends up dragging him down kicking and screaming as he slowly begins to question how strong his morals truly are. This is not a redemption story. This is not a “Hero saves the day” story. This is a story about how Television ended the world…

The show’s real life producers are Charlie Parker and Joe McTernan, Broken Blonde, the guys responsible for Tom Stade’s Come Fringe Yourself. Charlie and Joe will also be playing two of the characters in the MUFF boardroom, along with Tom Stade and Daniel Sloss, as above.
The cast also includes Wayne Mazadza and Jojo Sutherland. And many other popular comedians playing cameo roles in all of MUFF’s terrible TV shows.

After coming up with the idea, we very quickly realised that no one in television or in their right mind would possibly fund this as a show. Fortunately, most of our fans are nowhere near in their right mind, so we realised that it could, conceivably, be quite possible to fund this by crowdsourcing. To make a show funded by our fans, for our fans, where we get to create something that we think they’d love but without any sponsors or execs being concerned about the content.
The average 6 part TV show in the UK costs about £120,000 per episode to make and close to a million squids (or something) to do a series. We’re asking for nowhere near that. We sat down, added up costs of crew, production and advertising and it came to over 50 grand. So we binned that list and decided not to pay people. We’re attempting to raise 20 grand or more to fund this, any money we don’t make, Daniel Sloss and Tom Stade will be taking no fee and contributing their own money to help it get made. That’s how much we want this to be an actual thing.
We will be using Indie Go Go as our main form of contribution, offering fans to contribute as much or as little as they want based on a very unfair reward scheme. Even if it’s as little as 5 or 10 pounds, everyone who contributes gets to download all 6 episodes. And they can do with those episodes what ever they god damn please. Wanna sell it your friends? Go ahead. Want to screen all episodes in a cinema and make a profit. FUCKING DO IT. This is not made for profit. This is made for fun.
The idea is to make something pure. It’s not going to be perfect. But it’s going to be how we imagined it. Without advertisers, sponsors or department heads getting involved telling us what we can and can’t say because they don’t trust their audience to be smart enough to take the jokes in the way they’re intended. We like the fact that the only people that are capable of cancelling the sitcom, are the very people funding it. We have no idea if this is going to work. This could be a massive failure. But we’re all going to throw our best at it and if we get away with it, the future of film and television could be very fucking interesting.
MUFF will be filming in December 2014-January 2015 in Edinburgh. And then being edited and shortly thereafter heading to a handheld device, computer, iPad, Xbox or robot near you.

Facebook – MUFFProductions
YouTube – MUFF Productions
Press contact – PRESS@mza-artists.com
Production contact – charlie@brokenblonde.com
Help fund us at http://igg.me/at/muffproductions

‘DANIEL SLOSS: X’ New Edinburgh show onsale – book NOW



Daniel’s 11th fringe! He’s made a record 8 appearances on ‘Conan’, performed 3 solo off-Broadway seasons and tours extensively to rave reviews throughout Australasia, USA, UK and Europe. Book here


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Daniel makes record 8th appearance on Conan

Daniel was invited back by Conan O’Brien for a record 8th appearance on his show. Watch the clip here 


Daniel’s 9th Edinburgh Fringe Season is on sale

Daniel Sloss: SO? 4-28 August, Venue150@EICC.
PLUS extra10pm shows on weekends

Daniel Sloss: SO?, 2016 Edinburgh Fringe

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Daniel Sloss: DARK at 2016 Just For Laughs



Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Daniel Sloss lives, breathes and eats comedy

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No sacred cows: “I think it’s very pathetic to be upset by something someone says especially by comedy.” Photo: Gavin Evans

Daniel Sloss is very excited about stand-up comedy, so excited that he talks increasingly quickly over the course of an hour so that by the end of our time he’s only saying half-words; what with that and his Scots accent, when it comes time to listen to the interview again I have to replay a lot of it twice.
There is the torrent of names: comedians he admires, only some of whom are familiar to me although I do spot a couple of Australians, Tim Minchin and Jim Jefferies. As far as I can tell, Sloss watches comedy pretty much all the time he is not on stage himself.

“How else do you learn?” he asks rhetorically. “It would be so f—ing arrogant of me to be in this job and be like ‘oh I know how to just be the best comic!’ You have to watch, see other people think, how they do what they do. Every joke can be told a thousand different ways: there’s the set-up and the punchline but they don’t have to be in that order. I find it amazing when I talk to comics who aren’t obsessed with stand-up. Do you not love this job? I love every second.”
Daniel Sloss is 25. He’s a regular face on British television, made multiple appearances on Conan in the US and run the gauntlet as a performer at Edinburgh Fringe eight years in a row. He started doing gigs in comedy clubs when he was 16, but you could say his life in comedy goes back much further even than that.
Did it start, as he suggests, with the Phil Jupitus VHS tape he remembers watching with his parents when he was six? Or perhaps it was a few years later during the summer holidays, when his father would drop him in the morning in the middle of the Edinburgh Fringe on his way to work, then take him to a show as soon as he finished.
There was at least one victorious argument with a bouncer. “The guy’s like ‘oh sir, there is a lot of swearing during the show’ and my dad jut turned to me and went ‘f—, shit, bugger, c—, bastard – right he’s heard them all, can we come in now?'”

He giggles triumphantly. And there were the rides home, riffing with his dad. “We’d be not just repeating bits but coming up with bits of our own. Both my parents are hysterically funny people. My mum has a real job as a scientist, but if she ever wanted to do stand-up she’s a really good writer, and my dad’s very funny but he’s not confident as a public speaker. They managed to create a sort of hybrid in me.”

Sloss is a great believer in the comedian’s right to talk about anything as long as it’s funny; not for nothing is his show called Dark. “I think it’s very pathetic to be upset by something someone says especially by comedy. To be offended by that is to take this series of generalisations – which is what comedy is – and this one-sided conversation and to turn it on yourself. It’s just so arrogant.”

There are politicians who offend him, but comedy isn’t coming from the same place. “Because regardless of what you think of it, the intent is to make you laugh. I have a line about pregnant women going to classes to learn how to overreact. Now, obviously I have a mother who has given birth to four f—heads. Am I saying childbirth doesn’t hurt? No, the joke isn’t that. The joke is that I’m an idiot.”

Even so, he asked his parents’ permission to talk on stage about his sister, who was born with severe cerebral palsy. “I didn’t ever intend to do that as material. What happened was there was a show in LA called RISK! and I’d done a bunch of gigs for the guy there, he was like ‘we do a show where we ask a comedians on stage to tell a story they have never told before’.”
Sloss suggested a few embarrassing sex stories but, he was told, everyone does those. “And then I said, well, I’ve never spoken about my sister.”
It was actually his mother who remembered, in one of their several daily text exchanges, the most disquieting of his anecdotes. “She’s like ‘f—, here’s a good one’!”
And how was it? “It was thrilling.”

Perhaps he didn’t tell it so well from a technical point of view that first time, but he worked on some of those comic tricks he studies so intensively. And sure enough, as he kept telling his story, he managed to offend people.

“I really enjoyed it, just talking honestly about disability and going ‘f— you telling me I don’t get to laugh or I don’t get to use the word spastic because it offends you? I get to say what I want to say, because I know it’s not coming from a place of hate but from love. And I love that.”

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/entertainment/comedy/melbourne-comedy-festival/melbourne-international-comedy-festival-daniel-sloss-lives-breathes-and-eats-comedy-20160404-gnuu6i.html#ixzz44qnR1jMJ
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Tickets for Daniel’s brand new show, So?, at Venue 150 in Edinburgh are now on sale.

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Daniel Sloss talks stories, stand-up, sitcom and Scotland

The still-young Fife-born comic has done a lot in recent times. He’s co-written an online indie sitcom called MUFF, conducted a TED-style talk about the nature of stories, performed stand-up on late-night US TV show, Conan, and written a new stand-up set entitled Dark. Here, he answers questions about all of those things, and a wee bit more.

I hear you’re sick of people calling your comedy ‘dark’: what do you think they see in your work that could be described as dark? What constitutes dark humour for you?
I talk about death, God (or the lack thereof, if you have any common sense), drugs, sex and lots of other things, and I’m comfortable talking about them. I’ll also sometimes challenge ideas and spout my opinion, which people are obviously allowed to disagree with, but don’t expect me to give a shit. I only claim to be a comedian, not a genius. People who get offended by comedy are idiots, there are no other words for them (there are: ‘cunts’). You don’t get to listen to a comedian’s joke and say ‘he / she wasn’t joking’. I think people see comedians like Jim Jefferies, Louis CK, Amy Schumer etc. are really funny, but also genuinely honest about themselves, their insecurities. A lot of people are too scared to be honest, so seeing someone else do it freaks them out.

Unless they turned the background sound right down, it seemed like you had a very tough crowd at the TEDx Talk you did on stories: what was your experience of doing that?
Could have been a tough crowd. Could’ve been the fact that there were only 25 audience members in a 200-seat lecture theatre in the afternoon. It wasn’t a comedy gig or interactive talk and I was the only one mic’d up. But who’s to say…

The first Conan you did: was it scary or just fine? Would you ever consider pitching up in the US for an extended period to try and crack it there?
It was great. It’s an incredibly supportive show. Everyone backstage is on your side and really friendly. I don’t think I’d ever move to America. I love Scotland. I love Edinburgh. And I can’t see any reason for me to move there; I don’t mind visiting a lot, but my entire life is in Scotland and I have no intention of ever changing that.

What’s the latest with MUFF?
We’re technically behind schedule, but also not, considering it’s our show and we don’t have any contracts. We want it out, but we don’t want to rush it. Hopefully it’ll be out by September.

What kind of stuff are you tackling in Dark?
God, tampons, chilli, drugs, death, your mum.

In House of Cards, Frank Underwood gave up videogames for painting figurine civil war soldiers. What do you picture yourself doing in the future should you ever drop the habit?
Killing myself.

You’ve never especially dabbled in politics on stage: does politics bore you too much to find comedy in it? Do you think it’s an area you might see yourself ever talking about?
I just can’t pretend to give a shit about it. It bores me and I don’t know enough about it. I like talking about things I’m passionate about, and I feel nothing for politics, because I’m an out of touch moron.

Daniel Sloss’ Dark is at EICC, Edinburgh, 6–30 Aug (not 17, 25) and on tour from 18 Sep

From: https://edinburghfestival.list.co.uk/article/72865-daniel-sloss-brings-dark-to-edinburgh-before-hitting-the-road-in-the-autumn/

Major UK Tour For Daniel Sloss – 2015

Beyond the Joke

Acclaimed comedian Daniel Sloss has announced a new 35-date UK tour starting on September 18 and ending on December 5. The tour follows a run at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre during the Fringe and will be called Dark, in honour of the fact that the 24-year-old is sick of being described by people as dark.

Daniel Sloss started writing and performing stand-up when he was 16. His TV appearances include 2015’s John Bishop Show, Sunday Night at the Palladium, Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, Russell Howard’s Good News, Conan (4 guests appearances in one year- the first stand-up ever to achieve this), The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Paul O’Grady Show, as well as many more. In addition he has had his own BBC3 show The Adventures Of Daniel, has given a Tedx Talk and released his debut stand-up DVD Daniel Sloss: Live! on 2Entertain.

Sloss has also co-created and starred in online sitcom M.U.F.F, toured his solo shows extensively throughout UK, Australia, USA, Europe (performing in 15 countries in 2014), has performed a solo run at Montreal’s Just For Laughs, starred at other festivals including Altitude, Latitude, Leeds, Reading and also the Sydney + Adelaide + Perth Comedy Festivals, has signed a talent deal with Conan O’Brien’s production company Conaco and is currently working on his own pilot for Warner Brothers Studios.

Support on the UK tour is Kai Humphries.

Click on the Giglist tab above to get the latest gig listings and information on how to buy tickets.

– See more HERE

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Brand new show for 2015

Hyde Park – Wednesday 24th June

As part of the Barclaycard British Summertime Festival in Hyde Park, Daniel will be appearing alongside his best comedy mates Ed Byrne, Jimeoin, Gina Yashere and Steven K Amos.

More information and tickets available soon at: http://www.bst-hydepark.com/events/detail/ed-byrne

hyde park