May 27, 2018

Daniel Sloss Stops In Soho Ahead Of New York Debut

“My flatmate Jean first told me about the tax. I was eating some cereal, being a typical bloke, and she said, ‘You don’t know how bullshit this whole thing is.’ I said ‘nope’. And then she explained it.”
From this unpromising start, Daniel Sloss developed an excellent standup routine on the longstanding absurdity of tampons being classed as a luxury item at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe.
“For me it wasn’t about making a statement,” he says, “it was really about me not been able to understand why they weren’t free.” It’s an important point and one which perhaps explains the success of the routine. After all, it could have come across differently had Sloss decided on a current issue in a more deliberate, ‘educate the public’ way. “I didn’t think doing that routine would affect any decision, but I really did love watching the reaction — particularly of men in the audience — who had maybe thought ‘well this really doesn’t affect me’ and seeing the penny drop.” Read More