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Filmed at Paramount Theatre, Austin Texas, 29 June 2019
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Warning: Contains adult themes involving sexual assault and strong language. Ages 16+.

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Filmed at Enmore Theatre, Sydney Australia 27 April, 2019
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Daniel talks about comedy, the effects of excessive touring on mental health, gearing up to release the next of his specials, 'SOCIO' ,and what it's like to be in control of his creative output.



Daniel chats about his clumsy marriage proposal, selling out huge venues at the first Edinburgh Fringe since the pandemic, Touring the USA, his Book coming out and filming HUBRiS in Glasgow.


press quotes

At 27, Scotland’s Daniel Sloss has, incredibly, now racked up his tenth Fringe outing. Tackling taboos (death, grooming) has become his forte and this latest continues the trend. “X” is a stunner of a show.
✶✶✶✶✶ Mail on Sunday

Simply world class… hilarious… An endearingly unabashed blend of arrogance, awkwardness and self-effacing anecdotes delivered with precision timing, perfectly-placed silence and (the) unfettered confidence… Nothing is off limits… Sloss skilfully weaves sensitive subject matter into a hilarious tapestry of politically incorrect and sexually inappropriate zingers… his humour intelligently and ironically calling out the hypocrisy of human nature.

✶✶✶✶ Herald Sun, Australia

Dirty, sweet and clever

New York Times

Dark and mocking humour with a sting… a welcome hour of deliciously dark stand-up

✶✶✶✶ Mail On Sunday

Hilarious…There is something effortlessly charming about Daniel Sloss… Devastatingly intelligent… he makes you think about yourself and your relationships, and then side-swipes you with a brilliant gag. While you will come away thinking about your life choices, you will also come away with sore ribs from laughing… Sloss is a festival highlight. See him.

✶✶✶✶✶ The Age, Australia

Charming, self-deprecating and genuinely funny

Time Out, London

Brilliant… a master craftsman… Sloss works best by creating moments of near unbearable tension and then puncturing them with a welcome but unexpectedly sharp barb. To be this good at 27 is a rare thing, and if Sloss can continue to evolve his material in intriguing and novel ways, he could become one of the greats.

✶✶✶✶ Time Out, Australia

Brilliantly dark

Sunday Times, UK

Nothing short of hysterical… Stunning

Sunday Express, UK

Dazzling wit

Telegraph, UK
Irreverent wit and devastating… An intelligent, razor sharp performer
Adelaide Advertiser, Australia

Stunningly poignant… finely honed skill… deeply dark comedic style… more than a little bit evil… Sloss proves you don’t need a university education to know how to do your research and construct an intelligent argument. In fact, he is brilliantly skilled at doing just that and making it achingly funny at the same time.

✶✶✶✶½ Theatre People

Daniel Sloss is a born comedian… he’s a master at rewinding to the original thread without missing a beat… remarkable… rapid-fire delivery… It’s incredible to watch

✶✶✶✶½ The West Australian

Dark AF stand-up; snowflakes beware, this is no safe space…comedy provocateur… Sloss is clever, studious and even philosophical


I’ve never seen a comedian I’ve wanted to kiss and punch in equal measures. The handsome young Scotsman revels in the nihilistic and politically incorrect—here’s one who eats outrage for breakfast… Sloss was hailed as one of the highlights of last year’s Melbourne Comedy Festival, and it’s easy to see why. Provocative, punchy and smirking with black humour, Sloss rails against a slew of hefty topics: religion, disability, death, politics, and reserves a particularly fervent hatred for vegans. He is astute in so many ways: his cynical self-awareness of his middle class white man status, his description of the dogged tunnel vision of the easily offended, and his bemusement at his fellow left-wingers for their apathy and in-fighting… Brilliant

Australian Stage, UK

It’s a testament to Sloss’ skill that the audience follow him through each set up, across the expertly wound tension and into the cutting punchlines… He has tight, near-perfect control of his pacing and delivery, knowing how to read reactions and pop the pressure at the last possible second. The observational aspects of the show provide an excellent foil to the narrative beats Sloss hits… Now is 70 minutes of traditional stand up brought near the peak of its form. Intelligent and incisive, Sloss’ stand up leaves the audience wondering about their own relationship to logic and emotion. His talent comes in being able to combine the two into genuinely hilarious comedy.

Sloss is on red-hot form this year… not only do the jokes pour out, he slyly and unexpectedly introduces serious ideas into the debate… A stand-up veteran at 24, his handling of provocative topics is maturing fast so that, even as circumstances pile up in his sex stories and the laughter rises to hysteria, he’s totally in control of the shifts in tone

Sunday Herald, UK

Meteoric… Has them rolling in the aisles… Sloss is blessed with a sharp mind and a potent stage persona.

✶✶✶✶ The Scotsman

A genuine twinkle in his eye and a sharp line in observational humour… Sloss demonstrated a genuine affection for the crowd… The humour is funny, intelligent and charming. As is Sloss.

✶✶✶✶ Edinburgh Evening News

Unstoppable… The road to playing a venue like a conference centre for a full month should take comedians at least half a career to achieve. The Fifer Viking [Daniel Sloss] has got there in about half an hour. And he’s even stuck on some extra shows for his drooling masses.

The List

Makes Inglorious Bastards seem like Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Bruce Dessau on Daniel’s six-part Internet sitcom M.U.F.F.

He has a confidence and talent that’s shocking for a 19-year-old

Michael Mcintyre, Radio Times, September 2010