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Published by William Heinemann



Everyone You Hate Is Going to Die


The Publisher Writes

From one of today’s hottest young comedians, a transgressive and hilarious deep dive into his favorite subject: relationships.

Daniel Sloss’s stand-up comedy engages, enrages, offends, unsettles, educates, comforts, and gets audiences roaring with laughter – all at the same time. In his ground-breaking specials, seen on Netflix and HBO, he has brilliantly tackled everything from male toxicity and friendship to love, romance, and marriage – and claims (with the data to back it up) that his on-stage laser-like dissection of relationships has single-handedly caused around 300 divorces and 120,000 breakups.

Now, in his first book, he picks up where his specials left off, and goes after every conceivable kind of relationship—with one’s country (Sloss’s is Scotland); with America; with lovers, ex-lovers, ex-lovers who you hate, ex-lovers who hate you; with parents; with best friends (male and female), not-best friends; with children; with siblings; and even with the global pandemic and our own mortality. In Everyone You Hate Is Going to Die, every human connection gets the brutally funny (and unfailingly incisive) Sloss treatment as he illuminates the ways in which all of our relationships are fragile and ridiculous and awful—but also valuable and meaningful and important.

About the Author

DANIEL SLOSS finds About the Author sections wanky and outdated. He would just like you to watch his fucking comedy specials. The publisher, on the other hand, would like you to know that Daniel Sloss is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning Scottish comedian and writer. He has created 11 solo shows, toured them in theatres, music venues and arenas across 50 countries to rave reviews, and his specials, including X on HBO as well as DARK and Jigsaw on Netflix, can be seen on a total of 190 countries.

Despite the relationship and marital mayhem he has caused, Daniel still believes in love.

Daniel is thirty and lives in Scotland, his “forever home”.

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Dec 1 2021BelfastN IrelandUlster HallDaniel Sloss: HUBRIS Buy TicketsBT2 7FF54.594607-5.931021
Dec 2 2021BournemouthUKAcademyDaniel Sloss: HUBRIS Buy TicketsBH1 4BH50.726692-1.839881
Dec 3 2021ColchesterUKCharter HallDaniel Sloss: HUBRIS Buy TicketsCO1 1YH51.8964290.906000
Dec 4 2021SheffieldUKOctagonDaniel Sloss: HUBRIS Buy TicketsS10 2TQ53.379813-1.4896
Dec 5 2021NottinghamUKRoyal Concert Hall Daniel Sloss: HUBRIS Buy TicketsNG1 5ND52.956032-1.156700
Dec 7 2021NorwichUKThe HallsDaniel Sloss: HUBRIS Buy TicketsNR3 1AU52.6311471.296057
Dec 9 2021PerthUKConcert HallDaniel Sloss: HUBRIS Buy TicketsPH1 5HZ56.397695-3.429232